Pool Mosaics

There’s no better way to add a decorative

touch to your new or refinished swimming pool than by adding a mosaic.

Whether you desire dolphins, turtles, fish, or even mermaids, DF Pools Mosaics offers the largest selection of ceramic and glass mosaic pool tiles anywhere! A family owned company since 2001, we take pride in producing the highest quality swimming pool mosaics available.

It’s our goal to provide complete customer satisfaction with every mosaic we sell. All of our pool mosaics come pre-assembled to make installation as easy as possible.

Pool Ceramic Tiles, Pool Porcelain Mosaic, and Pool Glass Mosaic Tiles. We do it all.

The Beauty and Benefits of Glass Tile Pool Finishes
Ready to use glass tile for your next project? Keep the following in mind:

• Durability Although known as one of the longest-lasting pool and spa finishing materials, glass tile can be subject to both cracking and chipping, especially when exposed to rapid changes in temperature. Such failures are generally the result of substandard products that have found their way into the market. Research your selected manufacturer and ask friends, your designer, and even your installer for recommendations. A qualified tile worker can often spot a material problem by how well the tiles stand up to being cut for installation (questionable material will chip when cut, for instance). Such overly brittle material will be susceptible to failure.

• Rough edges Some glass tile products have sharp edges, due largely to the manufacturing process, as well as trimming during installation. The problem can be eliminated by careful buffing after installation by a qualified installer, but homeowners should always discuss this potential issue with their swimming pool designer and the installer.

• Quality installation Glass tile is tricky to install compared to other types of tile. Installations should only be performed by tile setters experienced with the material. Otherwise, the work could be visually marred by uneven grout lines and even subject to failure (such as tiles falling off the surface), sometimes within just a few weeks of the initial installation.


Your #1 Pool Mosaics finish in South Florida

Contact us today to get started on your pool mosaics renovation. We will need the overall length, width, and depth of your pool when you call. Once we’ve analyzed your pool, we will give you a FREE ESTIMATE, and can complete any job in a professional, and timely manner.

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