Wouldn’t you

Rather enjoy your pool rather than work on your pool?

We carry the best south florida pool services, the latest in specialist equipment and expertise, coupled with an extensively trained team of technicians we’re ready to deep clean your pool at a moments notice!

What makes DF Pools such a loved and trusted pool cleaning company throughout South Florida is our friendly, highly efficient uniformed swimming pool cleaners, who show up on time and work their magic, leaving your beloved pool sparkling with brilliance and ready for immediate use by you and your family all year long.


Pool Acid Wash removes stains, scale, and calcium from the floor and corners of your pool bed. If you are not able to see the walls and floor of your pool, then it may be time for an acid wash. Because the process of a swimming pool acid wash wears down a small amount of the finish we recommend that you only get it done every few years or so.


We provide Pool leak detection for residential and commercial swimming pools in South Florida. DF Pools number one goal is to help you prevent and repair pool leaks that are you money now and will save you thousands in the future. You spend a lot time making your pool beautiful, but how much money are you spending to keep it full?


We fix everything and all parts of your residential pool including pool motors, pool timers, pool lights, pool heaters, pool filters, pool pumps, pool valves, your pool’s plumbing, the tile, pool skimmers and drains, in floor pool cleaners, automatic pool cleaners and robots, pool handrails, and pool safety devices.

We focus on Customer Service, Pool Care, Repair, Renovations and Construction on your backyard oasis.

DF Pools offers an experienced team for a one of a kind weekly cleaning service. Our guys are friendly and qualified technicians, equipped to deal with your questions and concerns. If you have a problem with your pool and/or equipment we can offer our expertise on the issues as well as a few possible solutions with a quote to repair.

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