How To Choose Your Dream Pool

Beginning the Process of Choosing Your Dream Pool

You might be surprised by all the options you have when customizing your pool–from colors to materials to accents, you have full control over how you want your perfect pool to look.

There are several things to consider first, including the size of your pool will be, your landscaping and accents, and the style your home already has. Taking these factors into account will help you create a dream scene in your backyard.

Factor in the Size of Your Pool

When thinking about swimming pool colors, it’s helpful to start with how big your pool will be. 

For example, if you’re considering a dark hue for your pool’s accents, it’s best to stick with a larger-sized pool, as this will show each detail without darkening the water too much. If you want a small pool, choosing a lighter color will help brighten the space and make your pool appear bigger.

The size of your pool will help determine which colors look best. It’s always a good idea to make your pool appear bigger than it already is–this will create the illusion of endless, fresh water.

Consider the Landscaping Around Your Pool

The mood of your pool’s color matches the mood of the landscaping around it. Have you already landscaped your backyard? If so, pairing the color of your pool with your landscaping style will help create a beautiful scene.

If you’re landscaping your yard along with the installation of your pool, you’ll want to make sure you complement your pool and landscape with each other. This can be done by pairing light or dark colors together, using flowers or other accents to illuminate your yard, and by adding lighting throughout your property.

Your landscaping is important to incorporate when choosing your swimming pool colors. Your home’s style is the main factor you’ll need to consider when tying the space together.

Think About Your Home’s Style

By choosing the perfect pool colors and coordinating your landscape, your home’s style will determine which direction you should go.

For example, having a modern, trendy home with minimalistic decor and dark hues, you’d probably love to have manicured bushes, elegant flowers, and a darkly colored pool. Play up the appeal with tasteful lights and stone accents.

If your home is a bright, classic place with light colors and the sun shining through, your pool likely would be a clean, light color. Placing bright florals and stone accents throughout your pool area will create a calm and refreshing setting.

Taking into account your home’s design and style will nudge you in the direction of choosing your perfect pool colors. 

Consider When Your Pool Will Be Used

In some cases, people use their pools primarily at night. In others, people swim in the daylight only.

No matter what you prefer, pairing your swimming pool colors with your favorite time of day will create an even better experience every time you use your pool.

There are several examples to use when considering what swimming pool colors you’d like in this case. If your favorite time to swim is at night, a black swimming pool finish retains heat from the sun throughout the day and helps keep your pool warm for a longer period of time. 

If you have lots of pool parties or enjoy spending time next to it during the day, you’ll love a light blue-colored pool finish due to its ability to create a beautiful, refreshing, and inviting pool scene.

When looking at different pool colors, thinking about when you use your pool most might be a deciding factor for you.

How to Start Choosing Your Swimming Pool Colors

Beginning the process of choosing your swimming pool colors, it’s recommended that you talk to a professional about the options they offer for pool customization. This will help you decide between several combinations of pool colors and finishes.

When discussing your options with a professional pool customization and installation service, you’ll be able to fine-tune the details of how big and deep your pool will be and the combination of colors you choose.

A great approach to finding your dream pool scene is to compile a thorough list of ideas that suit your style. Your construction and custom pool team will work with you to create the best swimming pool colors and designs.

Different Materials and Finishes to Look At

If your style is elegant and sleek, you can pair a dark pool color with a smooth finish. If you love tropical scenery, try a tan plaster pool finish with blue accents. This will have your pool looking refreshing and beach-like.

Finding a combination of materials and colors starts with taking a look at the most popular and best swimming pool colors.

Fresh Blue

Blue is the most common and inviting pool color to have. From light to dark, any shade of blue looks beautiful with tile or stone accents.

Choose blue if you’re a fan of cool, classic pools.

Classic White

White pool finishes are stunning when paired with unique landscaping. If your style is modern, white is a minimalistic and clean color to choose for your pool.

Talk with your pool construction company to find out what options you have when it comes to white swimming pool finishes.

Bold Black

Black pools are a rising popular choice for modern, stylish homes. This color is unique yet classy for a swimming pool and will accentuate your backyard.

Another perk of installing a swimming pool with a black finish is that black retains the heat from the sun and will help naturally heat your pool throughout the day.

Finishing Your Perfect Pool Customization

After you’ve gathered a general idea of what your dream pool will look like, you can begin the process of customizing your pool and choosing your swimming pool colors.

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