Water Features For Pools

For as long as people have lived near water, the sound of waves crashing against the shores and the sight of moonlight shimmering on crystal-clear surfaces has been a symbol of peace, serenity, and tranquility. Today, we no longer have to live near a natural water source to create that same peace in our lives.

What Swimming Pool Water Features Can You Add to Your Pool or Yard?

The most common swimming pool water features that come to mind are a waterfall for your pool or a fountain for your yard. The soothing sounds of water splashing against rocks (either natural or artificial) offer an interlude of serenity in a world full of harsh sights and loud noises. But that’s not all that’s available! Aerators create similar noises as they cool a pool, a waterslide offers the opportunity for fun and games, and pool fountains add beauty and peace. A pond filled with koi can be built into your backyard; you’d be surprised at just how personable those fish can be, and spending a few minutes each night feeding them as you contemplate the beauty of your backyard oasis can bring peace of mind and a smile to your heart.

Why Invest in Pool Water Features?

It’s true, you don’t really need to add a waterfall, fountain, or pond, but there are practical reasons for adding all of these features in addition to the aesthetic ones. Waterfalls and fountains actually help keep your pool water cooler throughout the hottest summer days. By August, our pools are more like oversized baths, but the movement of water created by these features works to lower the temperatures, allowing you to swim in the daytime for a much longer period. A pond with koi fish lessens our carbon footprint, helping clear the air as it clears our minds. And all these added features can increase the value of your home, should you be able to part with it at some point in your life! Aesthetically, the beauty and serenity of any water feature you construct can help in decreasing stress and strife in your everyday life.

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