Top 10 Misconceptions About Pools

Pools Don’t Increase Property Value

FALSE! While this may be false, don’t build a pool just to increase your property value. Focus primarily on your own enjoyment and how the pool will add to the existing or pending atmosphere of your backyard or garden.

Pool Construction Takes Months

FALSE! We’ve all heard the nightmare stories, but this simply isn’t true. Your pool can be built in a matter of weeks

Inground Pools are Too Expensive

FALSE! An inground pool built by an expert may very well be the most economical choice for most homeowners.

Pools Require Too Much Maintenance

FALSE! As long as the homeowner is equipped with the right stuff and properly maintains the pool every week, maintenance can take as little as 10 minutes every week.

High-Quality Materials Are Not Required to Build A Pool

FALSE! Not all materials are made to last the lifetime of the pool. Some materials require effort to maintain. Other materials are more expensive at the time of the installation and will actually save you money over the lifetime of the pool.

All Pools Are Built The Same

FALSE! Not everyone has the same experience, workmanship, or quality materials. Unfortunately, sometimes when customers choose the less expensive pool builder, they are dissatisfied with the work and end up having to spend more money to fix the problems

All Pool Contractors Are The Same

FALSE! Not all pool contractors are honest and upfront with their customers about costs, quality of materials, or schedule. When researching for your pool contractor, make sure to ask every question you may have and have them answered clearly. Your pool builder should be able to clearly outline all the information to you.

Chlorine Can Turn Your Hair Different Colors

False! A big myth surrounding pools is that chlorine can turn hair different colors, particularly blonde hair turning green. However, chlorine is actually not the one to blame in this situation – it’s actually copper from algaecides.

Saltwater Pools Don’t Need Chlorine

FALSE! Many people opt for a saltwater pool because they don’t want chlorine, but the truth is that even these pools need chlorine. In order to be sanitary, the saltwater is forced across a metal cell with an electrical current causing chlorine to be created through electrolysis.

You Need A Lot Of Room To Install A Swimming Pool

FALSE! You can easily install a swimming pool on a very small plot of land or a townhouse. You should, however, obey planning regulations. Your contractor will give you all the specific details and ideas.

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