Infinity pools, or vanishing edge pools, add a different level of elegance to your backyard. An infinity pool’s side lacks a firm edge, creating the illusion of water falling off into the horizon, and its elegant name comes from the appearance of water running infinitely. The water that falls over the edge lands in a catch basin, where it is collected and pumped back into the main pool. This creates a breathtaking backyard oasis.

Benefits of an Infinity Pool

If you are considering adding a pool to your home, an infinity pool can be an incredible asset that accentuates your view. This is especially true if you live by the intercoastal or a lake. Depending on your view, an infinity pool can appear as if your pool’s water is flowing into the adjacent water feature! 

In addition to this pool’s stunning design, it can also increase the overall value of your property. An infinity pool would be a wonderful place for you, your family, and your friends to create unforgettable memories while providing you with the perfect oasis to relax and daydream. 

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