One of the growing trends of swimming pools across the country are salt water pools. Whether you’re into the contemporary look, want to cut down on your pool chemical costs, or long to be able to enjoy a pool that will be easier on your skin and eyes, there are many benefits to making the switch to salt water swimming, for good!

Salt Water Pools Give You a Softer Pool to Swim In

Many pool owners (or potential pool owners) imagine that swimming in a salt water pool is like taking a dip in the sea. A salt water pool isn’t at all like swimming in the ocean; in fact, it has only 1/10 of the salinity than an ocean has. Worried about infection if salt water pools don’t have chemicals to keep the germs and algae away? Think again, because salt water pools have a self-chlorinated system, in which a process known as electrolysis creates its own chlorine. (The good news is you don’t have to stock up on, and add chlorine of your own!) Another good piece of news? This results in a gentler pool for your skin and eyes, as salt can cause pool water to feel more like ‘rain water’ than a rougher, chemical heavy water you’re used to.

It’s a Safer Alternative to a Traditional Pool

Chlorine in your pool serves three important purposes: it oxidizes and sanitizes your water and it prevents algae from surfacing. However, it also causes stinging, red eyes, allergies to surface, irritating skin, and it’s been linked to cancer (as it’s a carcinogen). Because of this, many studies have shown that chlorine tablets pose a health risk, for the long term.  For many swimmers (children who love to spend hours a day in the pool, and adults who use their pool for both fun and cardio exercise), salt water pools are a healthier alternative to traditional pools, and provide peace of mind from the dangers of chlorine.

It’s Not as High Maintenance as Traditional Pools

If you’re already a pool owner, then you know it’s a huge time commitment and financial responsibility (chemicals aren’t cheap!) Being a pool owner of a salt water pool means that it’s more of a ‘hands off’ job, because it makes its own chlorine.

While it’s not completely self-serving (you still have to monitor the chlorine levels periodically, especially during the summer months), it will save you dozens of maintenance hours each month that you would have to spend with a traditional pool. This will also save you hundreds of dollars a year, although a salt water pool will cost you more upfront due to its complex filtration system.


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