What Surface Color Should You Choose For Your Pool?

While our formulas are accurate and consistent, the color of your pool’s water will be uniquely yours. The secret to having beautiful pool water is selecting the right interior pool finish for you!

If your style is elegant and sleek, you can pair a dark pool color with a smooth finish. If you love tropical scenery, try a tan plaster pool finish with blue accents. This will have your pool looking refreshing and beach-like.

Finding a combination of materials and colors starts with taking a look at the most popular and best swimming pool colors.


Black water color begins with a black pool finish. A bold and beautiful choice, black interior surfaces enhance modern designs, like the mirror-like rectangle infinity pool seen here. Black pool finishes reflect mystery, elegance, and power. Select a black pool interior surface to create a profound and intriguing focal point in your backyard.


Looking at blue pool finishes for your backyard? There are so many fantastic choices to achieve a “true blue” look. But did you know that this color has a special meaning, as well? Blue represents loyalty, confidence, and stability. It also symbolizes wisdom and freedom, making it an excellent water color choice for adventurous backyard pools that inspire and ground you.


The color gray is conservative yet glamorous, making it a great pool finish selection for calm and sophisticated backyard pools. Gray represents security, practicality, and grace, so this is a fantastic water color for promoting relaxation and reducing anxiety. Increase the spa-like properties of your gray pool finish with water features like cascades or deck jets.


If you gravitate towards green finishes, you may be looking to create a nurturing, healing space in your backyard. Because of its organic connotation, green symbolizes growth, freshness, and prosperity. Select a green interior surface to create a natural-looking poolscape that enhances lush environments.

Light Blue

To achieve a light blue water color, most homeowners select a white finish for their pools. White surfaces appeal to those looking for a crisp, cooling look in their backyard. In addition to sparkling beauty, light blue water color produces feelings of stillness, hopefulness, and softness. Therefore, white finishes are great choices for meditative and reflective outdoor spaces.


Are you loving turquoise finishes? You may be drawn to this special jewel-tone shade because of its joyful, energetic properties. Turquoise is also known to enhance clarity, purification, and emotional balance. If you are attracted to turquoise interior surfaces, embrace the good luck and friendship that this color promotes.

Since your pool water will mirror its surroundings, many other factors will impact water color.
  • The design, shape, and depth of your pool
  • The time of day and position of the sun
  • Whether the sky is sunny, stormy, or overcast
  • Your region of the country
  • The chemistry of your water
  • Landscaping, trees, bushes, & other foliage
  • Colors in your home’s exterior

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